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  • Cambodian flight holiday International travel Co., Ltd. is a professional hot-air balloon flight company and an only one hot-air balloon company in Siem Reap has the exclusive flight permission from Siem Reap Aviation Administration.
  • Our pilots all have more than 10 years experience of flying hot-air balloons. Also our hot-air balloons have allocated whole set of professional flight equipment and safety equipment to guarantee our customers have a safe and wonderful hot-air balloon trip with us.


About Hot-air Balloon

  • The hot-air balloon is both an ancient and modern aircraft. This kind of aircraft, in the form of the Kongming Lantern, first appeared during the early part of the Three Kingdoms period, that's why it is said an ancient aircraft.
  • The principle of this phenomenon is that hot air will lift and eventually become cool, and then drop down.
  • In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers produced the first hot air balloon. At the same year in December, Montgolfier brothers conducted the first manned flight from de la Muette, Paris. This flight began the human history of safe flying into the air and safe landing. The first manned flight also claimed the begging of the hot air balloon movement.
  • Nowadays, many hot-air balloons fly in the sky all around the world everyday, especially in developed countries. All kind risk taking activities using hot-air balloons are conducted one after another, many related records are being created and broken, and a great deal of high-tech equipment and facilities are being used on the balloons. It is because of today's high-tech equipment that the hot-air balloon is thought of as a modern aircraft.



The Experiences

"Feels like sailing in the sky with such a beautiful view !" - one of our customer from Australia

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